How do you politely reject someone after the first date?

So you went on a date with someone and it just wasn’t a good fit. They weren’t weird or creepy; they just weren’t your type. That’s okay, but you have to let them know. Too many times, people think delayed or short responses are enough to make them get the hint. Wrong. Many people already text short and delayed so there’s a good chance they won’t know the difference. You need to verbally tell (or text) that person.

Many people feel bad rejecting someone. But trust me, not rejecting them and stringing them along is so much worse.

If you don’t want to tell your date in person, then wait until you go home or the next day. Here’s some examples of what you can text:

“Hey, it was great meeting you yesterday. However, I think I’m looking for something a little different. But thanks again for last night.”

“Thanks for the date last night, but to be honest I don’t think we’re right for each other. However, it was great meeting you.”

Whether you’re male or female, sending a polite rejection is respectful and the receiving person will thank you for it.

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